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Luxon rules out releasing financial policy until after election.

“We only just got the annual report, we need time to digest it,” senior Nat simpers.

National Party leader Chris Luxon has said any update of what, if any, policies for managing this country’s worsening financial crisis that his party may have – you know, those ones that are meant to persuade people to vote for him – will have to wait until he’s had a chance to go through the accounts which he only saw yesterday.

Speaking to RNZ’s Corin Dann on Wednesday morning, Luxon declined to rule out ruling out any changes to policies they had previously announced, like tax cuts for the low-to-middle poor people, as he’d only received a printout of NZ’s bank statements the day before and, unlike most of the media and legions of economists, had not a chance to read past the title page. Mr Luxon was unable to say exactly when he might get to the list of contents, or executive summary, as he was going to be a bit busy for the next few weeks.

Earlier, Luxon has said he thought the opening of the books would have no effect on any of National’s tax-cut policies, as they had been independently costed and any surprises would not impact on the long list of clearly-thought-out election bribes. But that might have been a different Luxon.

New Zealand has a long history of Finance Ministers better than Grant Robertson

“But what I can say is that Grant Robertson is the worst finance minister this country has ever had,” said every National candidate forced to read the latest set of party briefing notes.

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