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Welcome to the News, weakly whirled style

Based in Villedale (named most archetypal small town in 2007 and 2013), the Weakly Whirled News has been reporting on, around and about the news for many years, probably since 2011. Over that time, not a single fact has been harmed by inclusion into any paragraph. It’s a record we’re proud of, and one we hope to continue.

With news teams scattered around the globe, it can get a bit crowded in the map room. That’s why we often rely on other news gatherers for tips, heads-ups and (usually) complete paragraphs on breaking international and national stories.

Editor’s note: While plagiarism is generally considered unacceptable and fiendishly difficult to spell first time round, there may be a few rare instances where plagiarism might be deemed acceptable under certain circumstances, such as parody and works in the public domain, but these exceptions are limited and specific. It is always recommended to prioritize integrity, give credit where it is due, and seek permission or guidance when utilizing someone else’s work. So thanks ChatGPT.

Local news, on the other hand, is all our own work. With extensive networks in and around Villedale, our reporters are constantly out and about, asking the hard questions and digging up the facts. (At least that’s what their timesheets say. The monthly account from Jammy Mammy’s Cake Kitchen (another proud WWNews sponsor) suggests otherwise.