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Seven Sharp quits Mike Hosking

tv houseThe Seven Sharp programme is the latest to leave the Seven Sharp programme, following in the wake of defections (tv jargon for oustings, sackings and/or changing the dressing door passwords) of Jesse Mulligan, Alison Mau and Greg Boyed.

Seven Sharp says it has enjoyed its almost full year on the nearly 12 month old show but recent changes to the structure means it’s time to leave. “When I started out, there was a totally different brief: a fresh take on a tired old Aussie format with one tenth the budget and a shallower talent pool,” Seven Sharp told WWNews. “But the revamped structure of the show has shifted from what I was signed up to do and now it’s time to move on – much like the guy who thought it up but went back to his day job in Murrumbidgee.”

Seven Sharp’s defection will not affect the show in the slightest according to TVNZ’s Headspinner Lyra Lilapantsonfire. “To be blunt Seven Sharp will continue even though Seven Sharp has decided to seek fresh challenges,” she told WWNews without looking us in the eye. “Mike Hosking will continue to front the programme as he has ever since he wasn’t even fronting the show. We think his style over substance style is a perfect fit for the rest of the network’s programming, which in fact will all be presented by Mike as soon as his demands have been costed out.”

Although TVNZ refused to go into details, it’s believed there are several new programmes in the pipeline including Mike Hosking Presents the News, Hosking’s Weather, Fair Go Hosking, Country Mike’s Calendar, Hosking Street and Mike H Reads Commercials (All of ‘Em).

To the weather now and the whole country can expect to be ravaged by the worst storms in living memory, especially if you’ve only been living about three years.

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  1. hugh hugh 23 April 2014

    keep it up mate. Im loving these. Always gets me laughing

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