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Dave Dobbyn to perform at World Knitting Day, writes special song

000052Former musician and current go-to-guy for the event management set Dave Dobbyn will pick up his guitar this weekend in aid of the world’s embattled knitters at a special commemoration concert in Johnsonville.

“I’ll be picking up my guitar again,” he told WWNews on condition we donated to one of the charities he’s fronting for this week. “But only so I can get to the mandolin. Which is blocking the banjo. Which, I hope, is sitting on top of the harmonica.”

Mr Dobbyn, 65, was approached earlier in the year to take part in the Day of Commemoration aimed at recognising the efforts of all those who have suffered in the name of knitting, usually the wearers of the end product, and leapt at the opportunity. “I have several nice jumpers myself,” Mr Dobbyn said. “And I’ll be proud to wear one of them onstage, as long as no one calls me Val Doonican.”

Mr Dobbyn says he has written a special song for the occasion, which he hopes will go down well with the expected crowd. “It’s based on one of my happy childhood memories, sitting on the floor as my mother and her sisters all knitted furiously, catching all the dropped stitches,” he said.

‘Purly Whites’ will be released simultaneously on iTunes, YouTube and Chelsea Records’ facebook page, and is predicted to reach No. 1 in the Hit Parade, as Lorde hasn’t put out anything this morning.

Mr Dobbyn says he’s proud to be able to play a small part in helping those less fortunate than people who can’t knit. “Raising awareness is what it’s all about – of knitters, sick kittens, contaminated soy milk or even me.”

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