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New internet news experience

old_newspapersA new online publication is about to be launched next week, and its publisher says it will be new, innovative and literally unique as well.

Called I Don’t Care, or IDC for the purposes of abbreviation, the publication will be published every Tuesday or thereabouts (Gaelic for regularly) and, according to its publisher, will contain print-bites of the important stories of the day as featured in the national and international press.

“There’s a deluge of dross and an inundation of inanities out there that most people don’t get a chance to read,” IDC publisher and editor Hugh Gibbs-Ertoss told WWNews on condition we lay off Lorde and John Keys.  “There’s not enough time in the day to sift through twaddle in the hope of finding a nugget of insignificance, so we aim to do the hard yards for our reader.  Ship.”

Mr Gibbs-Ertoss said each potential IDC story would be thoroughly researched for facts, veracity, good grammar and even better spelling before being ditched in favour of something that’ll suck the readers in.  “So in that respect, we’re offering a similar experience to that of the mainstream media, but … no, it’ll be the same,” he added.

IDC will initially be free to access, Mr Gibbs-Ertoss said.  “But somewhere down the track we’ll look at putting up a pay-wall.  The front page will still be free but anyone wishing to read beyond the headlines will be asked to pay before finding out they’ve been completely rip-offed.”

Stories pegged for the first issue are rumoured to include what Lou Vincent was wearing to his first police interview, Alison Mau’s heartbreak confession (she confides she’s never had one – a heartbreak moment that is yuk yuk yuk) and an in-depth look at how NZ’s shocking child abuse statistics can best be modified for SEO.

And of course there’ll be lots of snippets of celebrity scandal, fashion tips, celebrity fashion and scandal tips.  And there could be pictures of Lorde, Chris Cairns and John Keys at a celebrity cricket match – but don’t bet on it.

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