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Mana and Internet Party decide on new name

0811-bert-ernie-google3-bnThe newly conjoined twins of the political set, Mana and Internet, have decided on a new name.

“We thought it was important to come up with a new name before getting down to the important stuff like working out car park allocations and who gets the view of the harbour,” party spokesman Paul de Voolober-Deerayes told WWNews on condition of absolute secrecy and the purchase of some fund-raising chocolate (pre-chewed).

Mr de Voolober-Deerayes, formerly 2nd Assistant Lotus Strewer at the Dotcom Mansion was unsure when matters of policy would be discussed or, indeed, a joint manifesto would be published. “Mana already has that stuff sorted out, so there’s no point in going over it again,” he said. “All we ask is that they put the phrases “with ultrafast broadband” and “freedom from copyright” in every paragraph then we’ll hand over the cheque. And overstamp each page with the new logo of course!”

The new party name – munternet party – is, unsurprisingly, an amalgam of the two original names with misspellings thrown in as a stylistic affectation. Mr de Voolober-Deerayes points out that munternet should be one word lowercase “just like all the modern classy ones”.


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