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Designer home-and-away strips for Mintonet Party

Mana-Internet, often referred to as the Coalition of the Woolly, unveiled its new corporate image yesterday,  to coincide with the naming of five members likely to lose their deposit in September.

internet_party_E1“We’ve gone for a simple, clean, totalitarian I mean utilitarian look for day-to-day use on the hustings,” MI’s assistant deputy phone answerer Selma Solfakash told WWNews on condition we didn’t inspect the stitching too closely.  “Silver represents the foxiness of our leader and black is just a now colour.”


HMIheroesFor special occasions and large rallies, Mana Internet has gone for something a little more flashy, Ms Solfakash said.  “We wanted to reflect the real nature of the party, to project an image of roundedness, maturity and sensibility, so that voters can feel confident placing their trust, and donations, in us.”



The ensembles were designed by one of Uruguay’s leading fashionistas, Ms Solfakash said, although she was unable to name him.  “I’m not sure actually, I just know he was called a fash-something.”

dotcom-helmetSelma Solfakash admitted not all of the designer’s suggestions were taken up.  “Some were just too out there, or plain old hat.”


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