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Flood of John Keys books to hit shelves

KEY_600Booksellers throughout New Zealand are bracing themselves for a deluge of copycat books following the runaway success of the best-selling National Party Manifesto, John Keys: his part in your downfall.

Marketing Manager for Whitcoulls subsidiary Payless Books, Reid Ittinweap, said the chain had already received a container load of new titles.  “We’ll get them on the shelves by Monday,” she told WWNews after we’d promised to buy a preview copy of each one.  “Then they’ll be remaindered on Tuesday and hopefully pulped by Wednesday, as we need the space for Lorde’s second autobiography.  In the pulproom, not on the shelves.”

Ms Ittinweap also said that the original Keys biography would soon be available for Kindle and Kobo.  “It’s coming in as an e-book, on the basis that A is the highest.”

k_at_the_team_2011_uniform_launch_john_key_the_team_2011_uniform_launch_rwc_rugby_world_cup_live_stream_online_latest_photo_rwc2011livestreamblogspotcomThere’s something for everyone in the new line-up, from the novice to the more experienced skimmer.  For history buffs, there’s the story of John Keys’ early career as a model.









Young adult readers and members of the Conversative Party still struggling to keep the lips from moving will no doubt enjoy the jolly capers of John and his pals Gerry, Stevie, Hecky and Billy the poodle in Enid Blyton’s latest.













And the littlies aren’t forgotten.  Not only will they all get cabinet posts come October, but they’ll have a ball reading Judith and John.  Maybe the grownups can help.  And the pictures are great too!




But there’s no word on when Sir Peter will start shooting his reworking of the Chevy Chase classic, Caddy shack.


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