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Seven Facebook Myths Debunked

20130115_152308With over 600 billion users, many of whom have a literacy level surpassing that of wombat dung, Facebook has become the pre-eminent form of communication in the world today.  Not surprisingly, many myths and legends have sprung up around the iconic brand.  As a public service, the IT section at WWNews has undertaken intensive investigatory procedures in an attempt to debunk the most common ones (leaving others to be dehammocked at a later date).  Do not thank them, sending your money is payment enough.

  1. Shouting at the screen does not make people stop posting crap.
  2. Unfriending people for sharing crap does not give them blinding headaches
  3. Posting satirical “I never expected what happened next to happen next” videos will not cause the Huffington Post to rethink, or even go out of business
  4. There are only three cat memes.
  5. Young people aren’t deserting Facebook because it’s being taken over by old farts; middle-aged people are leading the charge.  To Bebo.
  6. Facebook isn’t doing research to target you; while you’re distracted at your pc sharing conspiracy theories, Mark Zuckerburg himself is in your kitchen rifling through the spare change bowl.
  7. Clicking the Like button while holding Ctrl-Alt does not cause the person-who-just-posted-crap’s computer screen to explode sending glass shards into their eyes.  More’s the pity.


  1. Oolon ColluPhid Oolon ColluPhid 9 July 2014

    As a long-term poster of said crap, I am quite relaxed about all this. I credit the daily laxatives.

    • Doug Coutts Doug Coutts Post author | 9 July 2014

      Ipecac – the solution for all our problems.

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