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Dotcom to release more evidence.

SCCZEN_150914NZHBPDOTCOMEVENT32_620x310Saviour of the nation and fearless fighter for people’s right to choose who looks through their data, him or the GBHD, Kim Doctom has announced he will release more evidence later today.

“It’s doing nobody no good sitting around here,” he told WWNews in a prerecorded but faked to look live interview from somewhere supposedly in Woodville. “And the media is erroneously reporting it is being held against its will. So I am letting it coe. Fly my pretties!” The evidence is expected to head north for the winter, stopping at the Otorohanga Waste Station for lunch.

To the weather now, and Metservice is predicting a fine and sunny start to polling day, with gloom setting in later in the evening.


  1. Oolon ColluPhid Oolon ColluPhid 18 September 2014

    Is there any truth to the tumour that mr dotcon is changing his name to Giggles McFuhrer?

  2. Doug Coutts Doug Coutts Post author | 18 September 2014

    No, he’s changing it to Les Tryer-Nutherbackwater

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