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No head-to-head in radio breakfast war

radio_1921_630pxThe predicted head-to-head battle next year between popular radio announcer Mike Hosking and popular former radio announcer Paul Henry for breakfast broadcast rating supremacy is not likely to happen, according to media experts.

Some commentators had forecast intense competition between the pair when Henry begins his daily televised radio show early in 2015 – thought to be around 6am – in a calculated bid to steal listeners away from Hosking’s self-admired radio chat between the ads show. However pundits are now saying it’s probably going to be a non-event.

“There’s no way there’ll be a head-to-head between Mike and Paul,” media expert, pundit and commentator Ivor dePlomerfro-Massey told WWNews on condition we downplayed his overdue student loan. “They’ve both got their heads stuck well and truly up their own arses – those noggins are staying put.”

Neither Henry nor Hosking was available for comment – Henry wanted too much money and Hosking insisted on being able to talk about his wife’s poodle shampooing venture.

In other news, errant Australian rugby player Kurtley Beale has been severely punished for his role in the resignation of Wallabies’ coach Ewen McKenzie. He’ll rejoin the team next week for their November tour of Europe.

Staying with entertainment, the last remaining member of 60s heavy bubble gum band the Bee Gees, Barry BeeGee, has announced he’s suing the Daily Mail newspaper for describing him as ‘leonine’. “I’m anything but,” he hissed exclusively to WWNews on condition we helped prise his teeth apart. “I am shtill shtanding tall – I was probably just shideways on shloping ground that day.”

To the weather now – showery periods are forecast through the region tomorrow morning with MetService advising people to leave some hot water for the next person.


  1. owenmcc owenmcc 19 October 2014

    Nothing about Grant and Jacinda?? :O

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