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Former TVNZ boss takes over at Te Papa

walmart-fat-scooterOne, no make that two former CEOs of New Zealand’s alleged state broadcaster have been appointed man in charge of the country’s biggest national museum-like organisation Te Papa. And Rick Ellis, most recently in charge of Telstra, is promising big changes.

Mr Ellis was unavailable to talk to WWNews, although we waited for one hour thirty seven on hold through the call centre, and hasn’t yet elaborated on what those changes might be. But if the TVNZ experience is anything to go by, experts say, expect admission charges by Christmas and an announcement soon that celebrating New Zealand is no longer part of Te Papa’s core business. Some sections will be rebranded as overseas format displays while others will be closed completely. The bush walk will be sold to the Chow brothers to be turned into an adult leisure centre with by-the-hour accommodation built in shipping containers placed by the outside wall.

“Te Papa is well-placed to address the needs of New Zealanders,” Mr Ellis is rumoured to have wanted to say. Conversion of the Earthquake House into low-cost housing for the needy is expected to start in February. All staff positions will be reviewed and re-advertised with current staff invited to apply, if they can find out where the ads are hidden.

Other news in brief – the Corrections Department is to cease offering prisoners air-points on purchases at the canteen, and a second English Rugby League player is in trouble for crashing through a locked door, with an Emirates spokesperson saying they expect to sue next-of-kin for damages.

To the weather now, and bright skies are predicted for most of the country although there will be isolated dumb patches, mainly on the West Coast.

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