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More TV3 programmes to be axed

old tvSenior Mediaworks executives are refusing to comment today on persistent rumours that more of TV3’s locally-produced programmes are to follow Campbell Live down the gurgler. But a staff member who wishes to remain anonymous, since he’s the only one left on the payroll and would therefore be easily identified, has told WWNews that a list for shows for the chop was pinned on the noticeboard just before morning tea time today – along with their potential replacements.

A Mediaworks spokesperson, Dee Storshins, denied the existence of any such list. “There is no such list,” she said reading from a prepared statement. “And even if there were, all staff should rest assured that their jobs are safe. Until we tell them otherwise. A minute of two before they’re escorted from the premises.”

Ms Storshins said that TV3, its parent company Mediaworks and their accounting firm S. Itstrupp & Firesale were totally dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of broadcasting solutions. “Our aim is to create a strong perception amongst our viewers of quality programming choices that may not be available elsewhere,” she hissed I mean said. “Just because one flagship programme that performs poorly against Mike Hoskings may or may not be being replaced doesn’t mean that they all are. This week.”

Mediaworks also denies that Campbell Live’s likely replacement Jono and Ben works out a lot cheaper to produce because the entire production team is from Te Atatu Tech on work experience. “There is at least one intern from the Panmure School of Television Production and Deportment,” Ms Storshins said. “Once they’ve finished the course, and the cheque clears, they’ll be deported and we’ll get a new one.”

The purported list of axed shows follows below:


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