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Ross Ryan, Connie and me…

A few years before the turn of last century a young man embarked on a journey. Actually, it was more of a quest.. perhaps a saga. Whatever, it involved buying a cd over the internet in the days when it was relatively easy to buy a cd over the internet anywhere, apart from a Melbourne suburb.

Eight months and a quarter of a million emails later, the cd arrived.  Undaunted the man set about reformatting those emails into something resembling a script, sold the idea to Radio New Zealand, engaged some actors and recorded an audio feature, padding it out with some music.  Luckily, he had a cd.

Ross Ryan, Connie and Me has played several times on RNZ to an enthusiastic reception notably from Ross Ryan and me.  Connie Person, marketing guru, has been strangely quiet.


    • Bobby Goldsboro* Bobby Goldsboro* 20 July 2015

      “Honey” is the song I’m most ashamed of. Rhyming “what the heck” with “hugged my neck” is probably what caused me never to have won an Emmy.

      *Bobby Goldsboro, plumber, Manaia

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