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World’s worst monster announced

In a highly anticipated and comprehensive poll of 1 billion of the planet’s ablest minds working together for good on Facebook, Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer has been voted the worst human being, living or dead, in the entire world I mean really what was he thinking omg.

Palmer, married with children (now on Reddit’s deathlist), shot and killed a lion earlier in the week. It’s not the first time he’s shot and killed something either, which just makes it worse according to a comment – with 17,844 likes – from Brun Daid of Tel Aviv, which also went viral on Twitter.

Uffa Quiit pointed out, in a post on a separate page with over 3 million shares, that it was only a matter of time before the dentist started shooting real people and the gas chamber followed by banning from Carl’s Jnr was too good for him.

IMG_7590Runners up A Hitler, P Pot and D Trump expressed disappointment at not making the top spot, but fifth place-getter Tim Groser said he was relaxed. “There are only a few animals left and then the tooth guy will be toast,” NZ’s most successful Trade Minister since he last held the post told WWNews on condition we quoted him in a way that children might understand. “After all, nature is temporary but the TPPA goes on forever.”

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