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Sky TV apologises to cricket fans

Dozens of cricket fans, upset at missing out on live coverage of the Blackcaps’ first T20 game, have been offered an olive branch by Sky TV to apologise for the cable network’s forgetting to secure broadcast rights to the match.

“We’ll be sending a special olive branch pack to each of our sports channel subscribers,” public affairs spokesperson Hugh Kerrs told WWNews on condition we signed up for Rialto and Country. “Included in the pack will be a set of instructions detailing how much chili paste to spread on the branch and how far up to insert it.”

Mr Kerrs said that, as an extra token gesture, Sky would from Sunday start interrupting all sports, not just cricket, with fully fledged commercial breaks six times an hour. “It’s just another way of showing how sorry we are, and how focussed on our customers’ needs we’re attempting to create the perception of being.”

Sky TV also claimed that the fee asked by the South African rightsholder was far higher than expected and not justified considering the small number of viewers that matches featuring the Blackcaps normally attract. “Besides, we would have had to shift both the Women’s Ashes and the English County T20 coverage to another channel, inconveniencing the millions of Kiwi fans getting up in the middle of the night to watch Scunthorpe go head to head against Nether Pidlin in the Myre,” Mr Kerrs said.

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