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Tony Veitch apologises for ‘stupid’ Facebook post.

Beleagured celebrity boxer Tony Veitch has taken to Instagram with a photo of his recent tweet apologising for a ‘stupid’ facebook post. Although he’s refusing to go into further detail, commentators have narrowed it down to any one of the six and half million Facebook posts he’s generated since last Monday.

“It’s hard to pinpoint exactly which one he means,” Radio Sport’s HoCUVM* Pastor Cleanicks told WWNews. “Some are merely vapid, others lacking in any sort of point, and at least 50 that he’s done in the last half hour that reach ‘blimmen’ or higher on the stupidometer. We think it’s best to treat this as a sort of apologetic blanket, like the one he has to hide under when he leaves the building.”

Mr Veitch was available for comment, on very reasonable terms, but the thought of trying to find coherent sentences to make into a sound-bite was too depressing.


*head of clearing up Veitchy’s messes

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  1. Mike Bodnar Mike Bodnar 25 October 2015

    Breaking News: Tony V to appear in upcoming movie, Brokeback-in four-places Mountain. Watch this space.

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