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TV3 won’t follow TVNZ’s lead on glamming down network stars

Following former television broadcaster TVNZ’s shock revelation that it had asked its presenters to look less spiffy on screen, rival reality content screener TV3 has announced it won’t be making a similar request of staff.

gower-in-parliament“We thought it over,” TV3 head of media relations Lila Lyrapanstonfire told WWNews in an exclusive no bars held interview. “But we realised that without high fashion and vibrant patterns our onscreen personalities would have little to hold the viewers’ attention. Plus, some of them are pretty well glammed down as far as they can get already.”

TV3 would continue its strategy of style over content, although Ms Lyrapanstonfire denied the cash-strapped one-time network was taking a once-over-lightly approach to news coverage. “That’s so untrue,” she said. “It’s at least 1.25. And once the technical team works out how to get Twitter and Instagram straight on air without having to pass through the control rooms, it’ll get even higher.”

Meanwhile, TVNZ’s celebrity opinionater Mike Hoskings is rumoured to have baulked at the idea of going smart casual. He’s believed to have rejected outright any suggestions that he should remove his jacket and roll up the sleeves of his hand woven shirtage, according to an unnamed industry source. “He’s worried that with no cuffs projecting at a ridiculous length from his jacket, he’ll have nothing for his hands to continually adjust, and he may inadvertently pick up the script. Or plug his earpiece in.”

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