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“The Bachelor” producers plan revamp for Series 3

inside_a_troubled_fundamentalist_mormon_sectTV3’s flagship news and current affairs show “The Bachelor” is to undergo major changes before the new series goes into production in September, according to Mediaworks’s Head of Perception Realignment Lila Lyrapantsonfire.

A ratings slump which saw fewer viewers watching this series than the first was no reason to think the show was less popular this time round, Ms Lyrapantsonfire suggested. “We like to think the people who did tune in enjoyed it more,” she said. “So it evens out, and possibly exceeds last year’s figures.”

Nevertheless changes would be made to ensure the continued success of the franchise and continuity of employment for the production team. “They’ve put far too much effort into the making of ‘The Bachelor’ to give up now. Besides, WINZ has that nasty mandatory stand-down period.”

The first step would be to bring in a new team of writers, and start them earlier in the process, Ms Lyrapantsonfire said. “Having the scripts locked down a lot sooner is a tremendous advantage. Not only will we be able to schedule the shoot more efficiently, but having final scripts for the audition process will ensure we get contestants who can read.”

The number of episodes is likely to be reduced in an effort to avoid viewer fatigue. “We have noticed that some of the audience didn’t stay for the entire length of each show,” Ms Lyrapantsonfire said. “So we’re shortening each programme and not having as many.”

And the programme will have a new name. “We’ve decided to change the name to more accurately reflect the show’s values,” Ms Lyrapantsonfire said. “Early favourites such as Fake Tan/Few Clues and Die Feminism Die failed to make the cut, but the new title will, we’re sure, capture everyone’s imagination.”

Gormless Hipster Snogs Some Chicks is likely to screen in the middle of commercial break 2 of Family Feud on Wednesday October 5.

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