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Trump biopic to be filmed in NZ

Donald-TrumpAn epic blockbuster celebrating the life of the most powerful and charismatic world leader to ever walk upon this earth has been shelved, to make way for a movie based on the exploits of US President Donald Trump, it has been reported.

Unusually reliable sources have told WWNews that pre-production for the movie is already underway, overseen by New Zealand’s film-making royalty Lords Jackson of Miramar and Cameron de Featherston, the latter recently announcing that the latest instalment of Avatar – Papa Smurf Opens the Box – has been delayed until next year.

As the movie is expected to contain a large amount of CGI whizz-bang effectery, the Lords’ expertise will come in handy, although how Baron James will make the jump from blue to orange has yet to be seen.

WWNews understands casting is well advanced and most locations have been chosen, with the small northern Wairarapa (the part that Lord Cameron has yet to buy) town of Woodville standing in for Washington.


Pres Trump’s hairdressing team at work


Andy Serkis, who has worn the CGI suit for such characters as Gollum, King Kong and Kim Kardashian, has reportedly been approached to play the part of the POTUS tie, and local hay-baling firms have been working overtime to ensure the Presidential hair will be ready when  filming starts, sometime in May.

The first movie in a projected series of 50 is expected to hit the screen early next year and the poolroom right after that.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Bill English says he’s relaxed about his own project being delayed, suggesting Kiwis adopt a “wait and see” approach regarding any future announcements.

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