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MMP & Pie theory – what happened next

The story so far:

Aussie Meat Pie and Sauce(As posted on Facebook by Eva Allan.)

There’s one mince and cheese pie left in the shop and it costs $5
Bill has $4.50
Jacinda has $3.70
Winston has 70c
James has 60c
David has 5c
No one has enough money to buy the pie by themselves but Jacinda, Winston and Jame. put their money together to buy the pie. Bill can’t afford the pie because he needs another 50c but no one wants to share it with him.


So, realising there’s no way he’s ever going to get a slice of anyone’s pie, David wanders down to Britomart and spends his 5c on paying three new immigrants from Bangladesh to shine his shoes.

James is feeling uneasy because the mince may not have been sustainably farmed and there are whispers that it’s not really vegan cheese.

Jacinda admits she’s tempted to lash out on sushi and a chai latte, while Winston is about to discover that Shane has already spent their 70c on the mini bar and a movie.

Bill puts the health system on Trademe, Serco buys it for a dollar and Bill gets himself the pie, although he finds out it’s been in the warmer for more than a fortnight and the bottom falls off as soon as he gets it out of the packet. So it goes to the dogs.

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