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NZHerlad headlines decoded

herladWith some much information flooding in these days, it’s often hard to know just what to read and, more importantly, what to trust.

As a public service, the Weakly Whirled News offers  those who still persist in trawling through the NZ Herlad site looking for news a handy guide to sorting out the chaff from the dead insect parts.

Goes viral – someone pointed us to a thing on twitter

Outrage as – someone pointed us to a thing on twitter

Backlash after – the work experience kid found this on Facebook

Opinion – we got one of those Newstalk announcers to cobble something together between voicing ads

Inside the [insert name here]… – lifted from a blog site

Bill English claims/denies/warns – directly uploaded press release

Exclusive video – we stole it off Youtube Red

Whether forcast – all our own work

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