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The Great WWNews slightly late end of year quiz

Our researchers have painstakingly scoured the world’s news sites, sifted through the social media dross and even listened to Jim Mora to put together an entertaining quiz looking back at events of the past twelve months. But it was too difficult so they made some stuff up and went off to see if the pub would take Bunnings prezzy cards .

Good Luck!

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  1. owenmcc owenmcc 14 March 2021

    I’d like to congratulate WWN for their outstanding contribution to current events. It’s got me seriously considering cancelling my life subscription to the Beaverton, as it’s wokester approach to news and its seriously seditious attack on sourdough has left me seriously shaken. I had more to say but had better stop as my SD card slot has started going, “clink, clink, sizzle, clink.” Keep up the great work.

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