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Local Flat Earth Society bits for international conference

Villedale may soon become an international travel destination, if the Villedale Flat Earth Society has anything to do with it. That’s according to the group’s founder, president and chief publicity officer Al Seddon-Dunne, who’s just posted off the group’s application to host the Internal Flat Earth Society’s 2023 conference, in Villedale.

“It was a no-brainer,” Seddon-Dunne says. “The international society has postponed several annual conferences, not because of Covid but the fact that some of the proposed venues were in places that couldn’t actually exist in the Society’s world view, so we checked the revised atlas and found that not only was Villedale in the right place, but it’s the right time.”

If accepted as a host, Villedale can expect up to 150 international visitors arriving some time next year. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly when, Seddon-Dunne says, because sea travel can be hard to arrange and society members do not entertain the idea of air-travel. “It’s a ludicrous concept,” he explains. “How can you fly around the world when the world is demonstrably not round? We are simply not willing to put our lives in the hands of technologist toymakers who refuse to acknowledge the science.”

The science of flat-earthery, on the other hand, is well-accepted, Seddon-Dunne says, and Villedale residents can expect a number of eye-opener events should the conference come to town.

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