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Council issues “boil water” notice to farmers

“Issue needs to be urgently addressed at once” says Mayor

The Villedale District and Environs Council has issued an urgent “boil water” notice to local farmers after compliance issues were raised during a random routine inspection by agriculture division staff.

“One of our team members discovered a compliance issue during an unrelated farm visit earlier in the week,” Mayor Aldous Cudby-Yaws said in a press release slipped under the door at the WWNews office this morning. “Further enquiries revealed it was not an isolated incident – in fact most farmers in the district are involved in the practice. So we have taken steps to ensure correct procedures will be followed in the future, by issuing the “boil water” notice.”

WWNews understands the compliance issue is to do with the provision of hot drinks to visiting inspectors, with cost-cutting measures blamed for topping up the tea pot from the hot tap rather than a kettle. Council sources indicate there would be follow-up “milk in first” and “no stale gingernuts” notices.

Having received council notices, Villedale Young Farmers’ Club members discuss correct dunking angles

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