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Villedale man wins international award for funniest joke

When local man Owen Elder de Banque went to the letterbox last Wednesday to collect his monthly mail delivery*, he wasn’t expecting a letter from the International Funniest Joke of the Year Competition judging committee.

“Usually it’s just the standard Readers Digest offers and threatening letters from the neighbours,” Mr Elder de Basque, head loader/driver at WWNews sponsor Quick & Clean, told WWNews.  “But there was another, with a typed address, and I got a huge shock when I opened it.”

Mr Elder de Banque rehearsing the joke with his usual captive audience

The letter was to advise that someone had been so taken with a recent quip he’d made that they’d sent it, anonymously, to the Funniest Joke of the Year competition where the judging panel had quickly decided it was worthy of their prestige award.

Mr Elder de Banque heads off in November to this year’s Funniest Jokes Convention in Lossiemouth, Aberdeenshire, where he’ll be presented with a handsome certificate and be allowed to tell his joke at a feature presentation.

And the joke? WWNews advises reader discretion:

A worthy winner by any stretch.

*Villedale’s postal service has tripled delivery days from once a quarter to monthly due to a public campaign run by WWNews

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